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10-Year-Old Kid Obliterates School District’s Mask Mandate: “Unfair,” “Hypocrisy”

by | May 18, 2021 | Education, Health, Politics, Social Issues, US

When a ten-year-old school kid can see clearly the dangers of slapping unscientific mask mandates onto a population that is statistically unaffected by the coronavirus when the vast majority of adults in leadership can’t, you know society has gone awry. With the evacuation of rational-thinking logical human beings leading our nation’s institutions, it can be quite a breath of fresh air to hear a future adult reason with clarity when it comes to issues of national importance.

And let’s just be clear, the unscientific illogical face mask mandates are an issue of national importance–they have done far more harm than good, including dehumanizing the population, especially children.

This 10-year-old kid from Martin County, FL school district obliterates the district’s mask mandates and calls out the teachers, staff, and administration as hypocrites who are setting a double-standard for them. He points out that kids are being forced to wait until they enter their parents cars to even take a sip of water while teachers regularly remove their face masks to do the same thing.

He also points out how unhappy not only students, but teachers seem to be for having to spend an inordinate amount of time enforcing the useless rule while fearing that his school will never return to normalcy.

He ends with a plea to just return things to normal already.


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