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Roy Cooper Gives North Carolina Permission to Breathe, Lifts Mask, Social Distancing Mandate

by | May 14, 2021 | Health, Local, News

Not that his permission was needed for the vast majority of us, but for the weak and feeble-minded North Carolinians, that permission to remove the masks from the faces of millions of people around the state was gospel news.

Today, Roy Cooper lifted that mandate and millions of people have been freed from the prison of their own breath.

Cooper stated that he would be lifting all of the mandatory gathering restrictions and social distancing requirements and “most” of the face mask requirements.

” There will continue to be a mandatory mask requirement on public transportation, childcare, in schools, or in prison.” Cooper stated during a press conference today.”

Cooper says he still strongly suggests that people who are not vaccinated to continue to wear a mask despite the fact that roughly half the state has already been vaccinated.

While the vast majority of people know and understand that face masks have accomplished absolutely nothing as far as controlling the spread of the coronavirus, the virtue-signaling that comes from the left sends a signal of compliance to the overlords of the government who wish to control and dictate the lives of people.

Many, however, still plan to rebel against the new-found freedom granted to citizens by the tyrant of North Carolina. One mom promises not to allow her children in school as a protest against the removal of the mask mandate. “If the mask mandate ends,” one brainless leftist ranted on Twitter, “my virtual-school kids will not be going into the school building for EOGs next week.”

Some people have been conditioned to live in fear–and they will.


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