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As CDC Drops Mask Recommendation, Roy Cooper’s Sycophants Urge Him to Continue Mandate

by | May 14, 2021 | News

The CDC has dropped its recommendation for a sweeping mask mandate both indoors and outdoors, stating that it is now safe for most places to allow maskless gatherings among mostly vaccinated crowds. The coronavirus has been largely hyped by tyrannical government leaders and leftist media who desire to create an atmosphere of fear and control over the population to advance leftist agendas.

Now that the CDC has dropped the recommendation, sycophant leftists are continuing to urge government leaders to continue the mask mandates indefinitely.

As of the time of this writing, North Carolina governor, Roy Cooper, has yet to remove the sweeping mask mandate from the state despite the growing reluctance among the independent-thinking crowd in the state to wear masks. Cooper is expected to hold a briefing this afternoon to address “changes in the executive orders” concerning, however, it is not known if Cooper will lift the mandate. North Carolina is among the last states to remove sweeping coronavirus restrictions.

However, some of Cooper’s sycophant supporters are threatening to disallow their children in schools if the restrictions are lifted.

“If the mask mandate ends,” one brainless leftist ranted on Twitter, “my virtual-school kids will not be going into the school building for EOGs next week.”

And another promises to keep wearing a mask,

Currently, there is no actual, real science supporting sweeping mask mandates and, in fact, evidence to the contrary exists in in abundant quantities. So far, the two most notorious states that lifted mask mandates are Florida and Texas, both of which saw no increase in COVID numbers compared to states with mandates.


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