High School Track Runner Wearing Face Mask Passes Out Crossing Finish Line

Negating a moment of glory for a high school track star crossing the finish line was the moment this teen collapsed due to a lack of oxygen as she followed the school’s and government’s ridiculous mandate to wear a face mask while playing outdoor sports.

These face mask mandates are abusive and absurd.

As she crosses the finish line, she complained that she felt like she couldn’t get a deep enough breath, causing her to pass out.

If anyone still believes that face masks are about anything other than social engineering at this point, you are naive. Face masks have done nearly nothing to slow down the spread of the coronavirus–a disease that has a 99.98 percent recovery rate. It’s time the population stands up against these leftist idiots who continue to perpetuate fear and idiocy among the people, especially the children of this nation.


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