NY Post Removes Fake Image of “COVID Deaths” After Being Busted on Social Media

On April 26, the New York Post published an article titled COVID surge ‘swallowing’ people in India, footage shows people dead in streets and used a photograph of an elderly woman in a purple dress lying apparently lifeless in the streets of India. Below is a screenshot of the article written by Jackie Salo.

Screenshot of NY Post article as it appeared on April, 26, 2021

Of course, looking at these images throughout the article would certainly evoke an emotional response from the average person–particularly, those who are prone to believe fake news stories and are emotionally moved by mass media propaganda. COVID-19 has certainly been a serious disease for the world to deal with, but when all the lies and hype are cut through and we get straight to the facts, we can see that we’ve handled it much better than the mainstream news and government propagandists, like Dr. Fauci, would have you believe.

Thankfully, astute social media users sniffed this out really quick. The woman in the purple dress in the image above; she didn’t die of COVID-19. This woman in the image is the same woman from a 2020 article published in India following a major gas leak that put hundreds in the hospital–an actual, real crisis.

After the New York Post was outed, the image was removed from the article with no apology, no acknowledgement of wrongdoing. Simply quietly removed like nothing happened. The damage had already been done. The emotional response had already been elicited. The mission had already been accomplished.

Thankfully, mainstream media is losing its grip on society and, as a last ditch effort to maintain their control, they’re employing big tech and social media to censor all other views that disagree with them. But people aren’t stupid. Some are–many are. But many are waking up and cutting right through the lies of the leftist, state-sponsored propaganda.


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