North Carolina Bribing People With Free Beer to Get Vaccine at Popular Local Brewery

CHARLOTTE, NC (NC Daily Gazette) — Atrium Health is holding a beer and vaccine clinic at a local Charlotte area brewery on Thursday. The gimmick, “come for a beer, stay for a shot,” serves as a way to lure unsuspecting hippies into their shop by giving them a voucher for a free beer after they get jabbed with the Pfizer vax.

The event will be held at NoDa Brewing Company in the progressive area of North Davidson (NoDa) neighborhood in Charlotte.

While some may view this is a positive example of community support, sane people understand that this is likely just a preliminary step to vaccine passports which, as of today, the governor of North Carolina has yet to reject. While this kind of bribery serves as a way to give people free things in exchange for caving in to a vaccine, at some point, people won’t even be allowed in unless they’ve had a vaccine.


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