BLM Protests as Cop Shoots Woman About to Stab Another Woman

Columbus, OH (NC Daily Gazette) — Black Lives Matter is up in arms again as protestors take to the streets to protest a white police officer who shot a 16-year-old black girl last night who was not carrying a wallet, cigarettes, a pack of Skittles, a toy gun, a spoon, or air freshener, but a 6-inch blade while attacking another woman.

Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, was, according to her mother, a “sweet girl,” “very loving,” and “peaceful”–an “honor roll student”–as she was shot and killed by the Columbus, OH police officer who was stopping her from taking the life of another woman. Because that’s what “very loving” and “peaceful” people do, they try to stab other people in front of cops in acts of rage and violence.

Of course, one must ask the hypothetical question: if I were the woman in pink, what would I want the cop to do? But, black lives only matter when they advance the narrative of “systemic racism” in America and are discarded by Black Lives Matter when they are killed at alarming rates by other blacks by actual acts of injustice.

The video evidence is clear–the officer acted responsibly and in accordance with the law. But in this day and age, who would want to be a police officer in this anti-cop atmosphere where police are being neutered and rendered incapable of performing their duties out of fear of mob retaliation.

While it’s always tragic for lives to be lost unnecessarily, if someone was coming at you with the knife pictured below, what would you have done?


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