Virginia Governor Signs Legislation Guaranteeing Mass Shooters Won’t Pay For Their Crimes

It has long been held by civilized societies that punishments for crimes must fit the crime. The United States, despite idiotic arguments in opposition, was founded upon Christian biblical principles. Among those principles was the idea that those charged with a crime are guaranteed due process, and when found guilty, the punishment for their crime fits the crime itself.

The idea that the death penalty is a “cruel and unusual” punishment for someone guilty of committing murder is a relatively modern notion. Historically, the death penalty has been used as a strong deterrent against unjustified killing.

And while traditionally liberal states have always been opposed to the death penalty–despite their insistence on the unjust death penalty for innocent unborn children, today, that changes. The State of Virginia becomes the first Southern state to abolish the death penalty.

Virginia has enacted the death penalty more than any other state in history–it has executed more than 1300 people. Yet, today, the state guarantees that no longer will anyone have to face that kind of punishment for their crime, no matter how heinous.

“Ending the death penalty comes down to one fundamental question, one question: Is it fair?” Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said. “For the state to apply this ultimate, final punishment, the answer needs to be yes. Fair means that it is applied equally to anyone, no matter who they are. And fair means that we get it right, that the person punished for the crime did the crime. But we all know that the death penalty cannot meet those criteria.”

What this means is that mass-shooters–from the Islamic terrorist who just killed multiple white victims in a Kroger in Boulder to the white “Christian” who shot up the Asian whorehouse a few weeks ago–these men will not have to face the consequences equivalent with their crimes if committed in the state of Virginia. Instead, they will be guaranteed a free bed, meals, and healthcare as long as they live–at the victim’s and their families’ expense.

The irrationality of the left is simply mind-boggling–there is no justification for such a move. Leftists, like Northam–and those who place him in office–should be held as accomplices in the crimes that they enable with their idiotic legislation. Yet, the world and the nation are complicit, silent, as the foundation of this nation goes down the tubes, one state at a time.


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