Feisty NC Congressman, Madison Cawthorn, Dares Nancy Pelosi to Come and Take His Guns

Rookie U.S. House representative out of North Carolina has been making headlines left and right with his feisty opposition to the influx of leftist totalitarianism in the nation.

The newly-elected U.S. Congressman for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district, has leftists up in arms and blowing hard because the professing Christian is a staunch advocate for the 2nd Amendment, a supporter of Donald Trump, and has dared to practice his religion during his life.

In a recent speech at the Capitol, Cawthorn essentially dared Nancy Pelosi to try to come and take his guns, declaring that U.S. Citizens have a right in this nation to own a firearm.

“When we say ‘come and take it,’ we damn well mean it,” Cawthorn said. “We lose the 2nd Amendment, and the First will fall,” he added.

“Americans have a right to obtain a firearm for lawful purposes,” Cawthorn said, adding that he would “say it again louder for those on the left sleeping in the back.”

“Let me be clear to everyone in this chamber, you will not take this right from us. I know it’s easy to be sucked into the D.C. bubble. But outside of here, in real America, when we say come and take it, we damn well mean it.”


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