John Roberts the Only Supreme Court Justice to Rule Against Free Speech in Georgia College Ruling

John Roberts

John Roberts

The Supreme Court ruled 8-1 today–including the liberal justices–who all ruled in favor of upholding the First Amendment in the case of Chike Uzuegbunam vs Georgia Gwinnett College.

Uzuegbunam, a conservative Evangelical Christian, sued the school after the school tried to prevent him from expressing his conservative religious views in a “free-speech zone” on campus. In 2016, A campus police officer approached Uzuegbunam and informed him that campus policy prohibited the distribution of written religious materials in that area and told him to stop.

The only dissenting opinion was the “conservative” justice, John Roberts, who argued, “Petitioners Chike Uzuegbunam and Joseph Bradford
want to challenge the constitutionality of speech restrictions at Georgia Gwinnett College. There are just a few problems: Uzuegbunam and Bradford are no longer students at the college. The challenged restrictions no longer exist.”

The only problem with Roberts’ opinion is that it doesn’t matter if they’re still students or not, they were students when the offense took place, and the restrictions do still exist against other students.

The idea of “free speech zones” on college and University campuses is a growing trend and considered to be unconstitutional in and of itself. The Constitution does not relegate speech to certain areas, particularly public areas.

That Justice Roberts has moved even further to the left than the liberals on the court is telling of Roberts’ compromise and justifies an investigation into his ability to hold this office.


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