Rep Who Slept With Chinese Spy Files Frivolous Lawsuit Against Trump for “Inciting Violence”

Congressman, Eric Swalwell, best known for his alleged affair with a Chinese spy, says he filed a lawsuit today against Donald Trump and others for “inciting violence” and, among other things, filing “a mountain of frivolous lawsuits” against a corrupt election process.

Interestingly, it is Swalwell himself who is filing the frivolous lawsuit which is, of course, doomed to failure.

Below is Swalwell’s statement published on social media.

“Today, I filed a civil claim against Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rudolph Giuliani, and Representative Mo Brooks for inciting an attack against the Capitol that terrorized lawmakers and prevented us from doing our job of certifying the votes of the American people.”

“Unable to accept defeat, Donald Trump waged an all out war on a peaceful transition of power. He lied to his followers again and again claiming the election was stolen from them, filed a mountain of frivolous lawsuits—nearly all of which failed, tried to intimidate election officials, and finally called upon his supporters to descend on Washington D.C. to ‘stop the steal.”

“As a direct and foreseeable consequence of the Defendants’ false and incendiary allegations of fraud and theft, and in direct response to the Defendants’ express calls for violence at the rally, a violent mob
attacked the U.S. Capitol and stopped Congress’s counting of electoral college votes. The Defendants assembled, inflamed and incited the mob, and as such are wholly responsible for the injury and destruction that followed.”


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