Charlotte Christian School is a Liberal Hotbed of Woke-ism, Worse than Public Schools

Charlotte Christian School, Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Christian School, Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Christian is one of the Charlotte area’s oldest private religious schools with a history of conservative, Christian teaching rooted in a biblical worldview. That is no longer the case.

Under the head of school, Barry Giller — who is associated with the liberal and gay-affirming Calvin University — the school has moved in a decidedly “woke” direction. Giller has repeatedly and unfoundedly accused the students and parents of students in the school of racism. Now, Giller has moved to enact a policy of affirmative action to counter this “racism.”

Last year, Reformation Charlotte wrote an article covering a curriculum called Be the Bridge that Charlotte Christian School started. The curriculum was designed by far-left radical, LaTasha Morrison, who once had a stadium full of white people stand up and repeat a prayer of “lament” decrying their whiteness at a Campus Crusade (CRU) student conference.

Giller wrote in a newsletter to the school last year that his intention was to address this rampant racism by assigning reading by liberal, woke Critical Race Theorists to the staff and students.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a heretical worldview that is incompatible with biblical Christianity. It emerged as an offshoot of Critical Theory, a neo-Marxist philosophy that has its roots in the Frankfurt School and its methods are drawn from Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. CRT teaches that institutional racism exists within every structure of society and that these structures are intrinsically designed in such a manner as to protect and preserve “white supremacy” in our culture. Further, CRT does not rely on factual statistics or objective evidence to support the theory, rather it relies on anecdotal evidence and personal experience.

Of these authors that the staff and students are assigned to read is far left “racial justice” advocate, Tim Keller.

“All trustees and employees this summer are reading Tim Keller’s and John Inuza’s book, Uncommon Ground,” Giller wrote in the newsletter. “A collection of diverse authors wrote the various chapters of the book and it calls the reader to consider their own story and biases while also calling us to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our common ground.”

He continued, “When our employees return to campus in August, we will spend a considerable time reviewing the book and what we each learned from the reading.”

Tim Keller is a socialist who uses Critical Race Theory to advance the idea of social justice. Keller teaches several problematic ideas including the fact that simply by the virtue of having white skin, you are a racist. He also teaches that if you’re not actively involved in wealth redistribution, you’re probably not saved.

Giller also brought in Walter Strickland–an advocate of James Cone’s Liberation Theology and who also says that white people who adopt black children have a “savior complex”–to train the staff in “diversity” at the school.

“All teachers will participate in diversity training this August with Dr. Walter Strickland. Dr. Strickland is an assistant professor of systematic and contextual theology and associate vice president of diversity at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary,” Giller writes. “We anticipate working with Dr. Strickland on an ongoing basis,” he added.

Giller has not failed to follow through with his promise. Recently, Giller announced a new hire. “We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Jozi Walker has accepted the position of director of diversity at Charlotte Christian beginning July 1,” Giller wrote in an email obtained by NC Daily Gazette.

Jozi Walker, Giller promises, will “create a positive and culturally competent school environment that meets the needs of the whole child.”

Among this promise to create a “culturally competent school environment” is the promise to create a “safe space for students of color, coaching faculty as they navigate sensitive topics and partnering with the director of human resources to recruit and retain employees of color.” Translation: the school will create a “no whites allowed” environment for non-white students to complain about white students who may (or may not) be academically or financially advantaged.

As Giller wrote in his previous newsletter, “During the 2020-21 school year, I will host specific focus groups with students of color as well as parents of color to update them on our school progress on the initiatives outlined in this letter, but also to ask for their recent experiences on campus. Over the past 10 years, student and parent focus groups have been instrumental in aligning our school with the mission. I value the opportunity for these meetings which allow time for candid conversations.”

Jozi Walker also believes that anyone who doesn’t toe the line of liberal woke-ism is automatically a racist. Walker previously posted on Facebook that sharing a video by Candace Owens–a black conservative, political activist, and public speaker–you are a racist.

In a now-deleted social media post, Walker accuses white people who share a video by Candace Owens of racism because they found “the one black person” who “supports their racist views.”

“The ONE Black person…” Does she really believe that Candace Owens is the only black person that thinks this way? She obviously thinks that black people who think this way are out of line, and she’s obviously never heard of other black conservatives like Thomas Sowell, a native North Carolinian and prominent Sanford University faculty member, Mark Robinson, Lt. Governor of North Carolina, Darrell Harrison, a prominent Christian theologian at John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church, Carol Swain, a retired professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, and many others.

Is this who you want leading your school’s “diversity” program–a person who says you cannot think independently or you are racist? A person who obviously believes that black people must ascribe to one line of thought? Sounds like this “diversity director” doesn’t actually want diversity.

The bottom line, Charlotte Christian has abandoned the mission of the gospel and fostering an educational environment that teaches children a biblical worldview and has exchanged that mission for a mission of social justice. Giller has turned the school into a worldly-minded organization rooted not in Christian thought, but secular Marxist thought. If you still have students at this school, you may consider other options. Why should you pay such a high price to send your students to a school that looks no different than the public school system?


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