NC House Republican, Jake Johnson, Supports Increased Access to Schools, But it isn’t Enough

As Democrats and teachers’ unions join together to oppose the rights of students and families to receive fair and equal access to quality education, some North Carolina Republicans are standing up against the leftist mobs. One such man is Jake Johnson who represents Polk, Henderson, and Transylvania counties in the state House of Representatives.

North Carolina families are currently burdened with overbearing mandates by Democrat governor, Roy Cooper and Democratic officials in counties across the state. These leftists have implemented draconian lock downs and rules unnecessarily forbidding families from attending school sporting events.

Jake Johnson, however, wants to change that.

Currently on the books is NC House Bill 128 which would require schools across the state to admit at least 25 percent of the capacity into sporting events. This would at least allow immediately family of the athletes to attend, in most cases.

However, it’s not enough. What the state needs are a complete reopening of all schools and public facilities and an elimination of these ridiculous lockdowns. It’s time people take personal responsibility for their own health. Private businesses can establish rules as they see fit, including face masks, social distancing, etc. And people who live in fear of getting sick can put themselves on lockdown without burdening the rest of the population who believe the “cure” is worse than the cause.

We urge NC State legislators to support a complete reopening of the state without limitation.


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