Gays Throw Tantrum After Church in Fresno Displays Tribute to Rush Limbaugh

sf church limbaugh

sf church limbaugh

Recently, Adventure Church opened its doors in the heart of a thriving (depraved) community of homosexuals in Fresno. The church operates in a historically gay-friendly landmark known as the Tower Theatre and now holds its services there.

Gays in the community have been complaining, even summoning well-known gay celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres to intervene in the sale of the building so that the church could not operate there.

Today, gays in the community are throwing a temper tantrum because the church displays on its sign a tribute to Rush Limbaugh.

“Thank you Rush for teaching us,” reads the Tower Theatre’s marquee. “You will be missed very much. But never forgotten. R.I.P.”

The push back comes from homosexuals and their allies who — the ones who relentlessly preach tolerance — cannot even tolerate the thought of a conservative who thinks thinks differently than they do.

“Don’t talk to me about how welcoming Adventure Church is to the LGBTQ community when they allow (place?) this up on the marquee next to their church name,” tweeted Heather Parish, a community activist fighting against the church’s right to remain in the district. “The man mocked gay deaths during the AIDS crisis. Thanks for saying the quiet part out loud, ACC.”

Some have even threatened to take their own ladders out to the site to vandalize the marquee.


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