Articles of Impeachment Submitted Against Roy Cooper by Constitution Party of NC

Roy Cooper

Roy Cooper

North Carolina governor, Roy Cooper, may be in big trouble if the Constitution Party of North Carolina gets its way. Cooper has been under fire for his persistent and unrelenting mandates against the freedoms of the people of North Carolina.

A movement to remove Cooper from office has been brewing with a petition that has over 11 thousand signatures calling for his removal.

The petition’s purpose, it states, is to “Remove or Recall North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper for the abject failure in his duty to uphold and defend the United States Constitution.”

“Governor Cooper has unilaterally & arbitrarily suspended the bill of rights granted to all United States citizens including,” the petition argues, including “the right to work, the right to move freely in public spaces, the right to privacy, the right to religious freedom and the right to freely assemble.”

The Constitution Party of NC has now drafted and submitted articles of impeachment and are trying to gain the support of North Carolina legislators to act on these articles.

The articles, drafted and signed by former gubernatorial candidate, Al Pisano, who is the Chairman of the party, along with Kevin Hayes, Vice Chairman, Joseph Guarino, Treasurer, Mark Crowe, Secretary, and Pattie Curran, Member At Large, argues that Cooper “violate[d] his oath of office as defined in the North Carolina State Constitution under Article 6 section 7. by acting outside of his constitutionally described authority through the enacting and abuse of executive orders that violate the principles of said Constitution & the Bill of Rights.”

The articles also allege that Cooper’s mandates were “arbitrary and capricious” and violate the people’s rights and liberties.

The entire articles of impeachment can be read at this link and more information about the movement to impeach Cooper can be seen at this link.


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