Gay Dad Denied Volunteer Position in SF Schools Because He’s White

Matt Alexander San francisco School Board Candidate 2020

No, this is not a joke, it’s real. The woke cult is so racist against white people that even one who ranks higher on the intersectionality scale, a man who is gay and has mixed race children, is denied a volunteer position in San Francisco schools.

According to the Matt Alexander, the San Francisco Board of Education Commissioner, the disapproval isn’t because of his sexual abnormality, it’s because he’s white.

The woke cult claim their movement is all about diversity — but it isn’t actual diversity that they’re after. To them, diversity only includes non-whites. To these self-flagellating white liberals, their own white skin represents something they despise, a form of Western Civilization that is rooted in rationalism and objective thinking. To them, their own white skin, which they hate, interferes with their moral and logical relativism.

According to Mason Hartman, this meeting accomplished one thing: to destroy San Francisco’s only good public school.


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