Petition to Recall Roy Cooper for Violating Bill of Rights Surpasses 11 Thousand Signatures

Roy Cooper

Roy Cooper

An effort to recall North Carolina governor, Roy Cooper, is gaining steam as an online petition circulating remove him from office has already gained over 11 thousand signatures.

While North Carolina has no state-level laws governing recalls, the petition could potentially send a message to Cooper who has blatantly violated the Constitution in his tyrannical lockdown mandates. Cooper has repeatedly bypassed state legislature in his closures of schools, businesses, and even religious institutions — which was ultimately struck down in court. However, Cooper has continued on his path of unilaterally dictating state policy without consent of the legislature.

Cooper’s “temporary” mandates, spanning almost a full year at this point, have continued to hinder North Carolina citizens’ ability to work, gather, and live productive lives.

The petition’s purpose, it states, is to “Remove or Recall North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper for the abject failure in his duty to uphold and defend the United States Constitution.”

“Governor Cooper has unilaterally & arbitrarily suspended the bill of rights granted to all United States citizens including,” the petition argues, including “the right to work, the right to move freely in public spaces, the right to privacy, the right to religious freedom and the right to freely assemble.”

The petition also argues that Cooper’s mandates violate such laws as HIPAA and compares his “extreme overreach” to “Dictator-like powers” which will “destroy the livelihood of a huge percentage of the North Carolina population.”

Click here to read or sign the petition.


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