Fayetteville Little Caesar’s Workers Go on Strike Demanding $15 an Hour to End Racism

Little Caesar's Protest

Little Caesar's Protest

The idiots on the left are blowing their horns and ringing their bells in Fayetteville, NC as Little Caesar’s works go on strike demanding $15.00 an hour.

Watch is this employee stands out in front of her work place screaming on a megaphone demanding that her employer pay her twice as much for, let’s just be real, doing nearly nothing.

And somehow, by leftist logic, paying them twice as much will end racism. Because we all know that compensating someone for the work they do is racist.

Facts: Little Caesar’s pizza is nasty and the only reason people buy it is that it’s cheap. If this company were to pay these employees twice as much, the cost of that pizza is going to skyrocket. This translates into lower sales and more layoffs.

But this isn’t the logic leftists use. Little Caesar’s requires no real skillsets and no real ability to perform tasks that require serious problem-solving. This is why the company doesn’t pay $15.00 an hour — it pays the employees for what they produce.

It is also not meant to be a job for career-minded adults. It’s a job for high-schoolers to gain a little job experience and perhaps stay-at-home moms who want a part-time job for some pocket change. If you want a higher paying job, finish school, develop some skills, and put some effort into your life.

Grow up!


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