Insanity: North Carolina Guidelines Now Recommend Two Masks for COVID-19 Protection

Face Masks Diapers

Face Masks Diapers

As the world goes completely insane over a disease that has little more negative effect than a bad flu season, leftists are ramping up the frenzy with additional and completely unnecessary scare tactics designed to coral unsuspecting, weak-minded masses into submission.

First it was closing down the world, then it was social distancing. Then they forced masks on our faces to completely desensitize us from the necessity of social interaction. After that, it was the vaccine — which was originally supposed to be the savior of the world but now deemed highly ineffective at actually controlling the coronavirus.

And now, it’s more masks. Because if one mask doesn’t do the trick, two masks will, right?

However, make sure you don’t wear two disposable masks, because, well, that won’t work. You have to wear a disposable mask under a cloth mask, according to new North Carolina health guidelines.

Navy blue graphic with the following text: 

NCDHHS has additional recommendations to improve mask wearing based on guidance from the CDC. To ensure masks are as protective as possible, NCDHHS recommends that you:

- Make sure your mask fits snugly against your face and covers your nose and mouth. To help with a snug fit, you can use a mask with a metal strip along the top of the mask. 
- Use two or more layers for your face covering. You can do this by wearing a cloth face covering with two or more layers or by wearing one disposable mask (sometimes referred to as a surgical mask or a medical procedure mask) underneath a cloth mask.  
- Do not wear two disposable masks.
- Make sure you can see and breathe easily.


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