NC Governor Virtue Signals Through Black Communities Double Masked Preaching “Vaccine Fairness” as Elderly Still Wait

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper sent shock waves through North Carolina communities today as he heroically saved lives with his vaccine program as he valiantly wore two masks, placing everyone else’s well-being above his own.

Just kidding, no he didn’t.

But he did virtue-signal his way through black communities today — wearing two masks, of course — as he proclaimed his excitement over Guilford County’s “outreach to underserved communities.”

Those underserved communities, of course, are the black communities who, by any stretch of the imagination, always placed at the bottom of the waiting lists for medical care by raging white supremacists. Of course, Roy Cooper is not one of them — he’s above all that.

In the meantime, elderly people still await the vaccine due to production and distribution backlogs and the people being served in these “underserved communities” all appear to be young and healthy. For Cooper to suggest that he’s doing North Carolina a service by displacing those in need as he moves those who can wait to the top of the list — making this not a medical program, but a political program — is absurd.

But, he does.


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