Is it Too Soon to Say That NC Has Already “Flattened the Curve” for Coronavirus?

We hear in the news constantly about “flattening the curve” for the coronavirus outbreak and doing so by “social distancing” and staying at home. The trends the medical experts are looking for are a consistent decrease in the number of daily cases in a given geographical area.

When coronavirus testing began, initially, the charts showed an exponential increase but after a predicted amount of time, the experts believe that those daily increases would consistently grow smaller giving a visual impression of a flattened curve as it grows closer to zero.

As of today, in North Carolina, the visual graph (with data from the official NC Department of Health and Human Services website) shows what appears to be a flattening of the curve. But is it too soon to call it a victory? Below is the chart.

As you can see from the chart above, it appears that over the last month, NC has seen exponential growth in the number of cases reported daily. But in the last few days, we’ve seen those numbers begin to decline and the curve beginning to move closer to the right.

The question we have to ask now is this: has North Carolina gotten a handle on this disease or is it too soon to tell?


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