Corrupt Republican NC Senator Sold Millions in Stock Based on Coronavirus Insider Information

It’s easy to say that Democrats are the most corrupt politicians in our society, but the truth is, corruption comes in all shapes and sizes. While the vast majority of corruption tends to land on the Democrat side of the aisle, Republicans are certainly not immune. In fact, just like people hide behind the Church to disguise their corrupt doings, politicians hide behind political parties to do the same thing.

In a recent finding, North Carolina Republican senator, Richard Burr, was among several U.S. senators who allegedly dumped their shares of millions of dollars worth of stock as they were being briefed on the coronavirus before it became widespread news that a pandemic in America was imminent. Burr, the head of the intelligence committee, has access to some of the most highly classified information in the United States.

The Securities Exchange Commission and federal law forbids what is known as “insider trading” in the stock market and is a crime that carries a maximum prison sentence of 20 years. There is no denying that these senators — who knew what was coming before the rest of the citizens in the United States did — dumped their stocks based on information that was not publicly available.

Burr, a Republican, has proven himself to be a corrupt politician who is self-serving and seeks his own interest. Unless he can come up with a good explanation of why he and his colleagues did this — which it is nearly impossible to imagine a good explanation — then the citizens of North Carolina should hold Burr accountable for his crimes, he should resign from office immediately, and he should face criminal prosecution.


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